Ashram Reiki


A safe place to find balance…

Reiki is an ancient healing art based on the flow of vibrational energy.  Think about it, music, speech, noises are all vibrations that our ears turn into “sound”. An EKG machine reads the vibrational energy of your heart. A TENS units create a flow of energy to help heal an injury.

Everything in and around us is vibrational energy. Reiki works on the same principle. Reiki energy works primarily with the seven Chakras that run from your sacrum to the top of your head. These energy centers run vertically in your body, beginning at the root or sacrum up to the top of your head. These seven Chakras can be viewed as the main circuit breaker to your life force energy. Everything in your body is connected to these main circuit breakers.

When one or more of the main circuits are out of whack or blocked, the connection or flow is diminished, lethargic or sporadic which can cause physical or emotional distress. Reiki energy can create balance and even-out the flow of energy between the seven main Chakras and in turn help a person to become balanced emotionally and physically.

After a Reiki session with me, most of my clients walk away with a feeling of clarity, the ability to focus and a lightness of being. Worries lessen, they have a strong sense of being grounded, a renewed stability both physically and emotionally.