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Focus on just one thing…

Hypnosis can be described as hyper- focused attention on an event, feeling, thought, habit, an emotion or a situation while in a relaxed state of being.

When in this state, a person can re-evaluate the value of this feeling, thought, habit, emotion, situation or event and if they’d like, they can create a different perspective or way of thinking about it. So that they can move forward, through it or past it.

Here is a brief list of things that hypnosis has helped my clients with,

  • Overcoming bad habits – smoking, nail biting, over eating, procrastination

  • Breaking bad habits

  • Conquering fears – heights, public speaking, enclosed places

  • Diminish or eliminating anxious feelings – test taking, singing, asking someone out on a date

  • Reducing and managing pain from short-term injuries to long-term prognosis

  • Introducing improved sleeping patterns

  • Improving athletic performances , test scores

  • Building self-esteem, eliminating negative-self talk

  • Releasing self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Working through grief from a break-up, divorce or loss of loved one


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