Workshop / Classes

Lifestyle Wellness 101: Hypnosis Myth Busters, NO, you won’t cluck like a chicken, PROMISE!
Lifestyle Wellness 102: Reduce your stress levels and learn methods to manage what may show up later
Lifestyle Wellness 103: Make clear decisions by understanding and using your intuition
Lifestyle Wellness 104: Busting through self-sabotaging behaviors that stop you from being the NON-SMOKER you once were
Lifestyle Wellness 105: Bust through patterns, self-sabotaging behaviors and beliefs that block you from being you ideal weight. (No diets, no difficult strategies).
Lifestyle Wellness – Meditation 101: De-stress and exercise your brain through mediation that fits YOU and your lifestyle!
Lifestyle Wellness – Energy 101: Chakras, balancing your world from the inside out
Lifestyle Wellness – Energy 102: Introduction to understanding Reiki
Most workshops and classes can also be tailored to fit lunch and learn or brown bag informational sessions to assist groups in understanding how to incorporate wellness practices into any lifestyle.
Email, text or call for detailed descriptions of each workshop and special group pricing. or 414.793.0367